Game of Thrones research project

The Questeros project aims to gather and analyse audience responses to Game of Thrones. A group of academic researchers are using a questionnaire for this purpose. We're trying to get as many people as possible to fill out the survey, and we're wondering if fans from Livejournal would be interested in doing it, to help us understand how people watch and respond to the show.

Here's the questionnaire.

The researchers are all university researchers, who are undertaking this project without funding support of any kind. As described on the website: We’ve sensed that Game of Thrones is significant, and important, a Game-Changer (bad pun) – but we’re not (yet) sure how. All of us have been involved in previous audience projects, of different kinds. Some of us researched responses to the films of The Lord of the Rings (and then The Hobbit) a few years back. That taught us a great deal. Some of us are currently researching the revived Star Wars franchise. But Game of Thrones is different, clearly. Has there ever been such a doom-ridden, death-ridden epic series before? "Winter is coming", indeed.

So far the project has been promoted by a number of major fansites. It has no links to HBO or George R. R. Martin.

You can learn more about the Questeros project on the website:

Many thanks if you can help!
Little Red Riding Hood

Question about Daenerys Targaryen and her crusade

Well, "crusade" is the best word I can think of for it because she doesn't seem to be trying to invade Westeros, just wandering about freeing slaves.  My question is: what are the logistics of what she's doing?  Does she always kill the slavers or does she let those to choose to surrender?  Do the freed slaves always join her army or do they stay in the cities?  Does she have women and children following her about as well as soldiers?  Most importantly:

  1. If the freed slaves stay in the cities, does she set up a government or leave them to fend for themselves?

  2. How is she supplying food and water to the army and whoever else is with her, especially since the territory seems to be mostly desert?